What to Look for When Buying Watches Online

Deciding to buy watches online in Singapore is a great way to save on a quality timepiece. With a wide selection of watches to choose from, picking the right one is often a challenge. Here are some of the main features to consider as you compare watches.

Watch Movement Type

The movement type is one of the most important considerations when shopping for a watch online. The watch movement is the mechanism responsible for moving the hands on the watch. The main types of watch movements include:

  • Automatic
  • Quartz
  • Solar
  • Digital

Automatic watches rely on a self-winding mainspring. The spring winds and stores energy as you move your wrist. Automatic watches are typically less accurate compared to quartz watches but do not require a battery.

A quartz movement uses a battery and an electronic oscillator to track time. An electric current travels through a quartz crystal, causing it to vibrate at a precise frequency. The vibrations power the movement of the watch. This is one of the most accurate types of watches.

A solar watch relies on solar power. It includes solar cells that convert sunlight into energy to power the watch. If you do not spend time outdoors or near natural sunlight, the watch may start to lose time. However, some solar watches include backup batteries.

A digital watch does not rely on traditional watch movements. It uses electronic components to track and display the time on a small LED screen. A digital watch is also more likely to contain extra features, such as timer and stopwatch functions.

Case Size

Some of the smallest watches have cases measuring just 21 mm. The largest cases measure 54 mm wide. Most men’s watches have a diameter of 35 mm or wider. Women’s watches tend to have a diameter of 34 mm or less.

Strap Material

Watch straps come in a variety of materials. Metal straps, such as stainless-steel straps and brass straps, are very durable and luxurious. Leather is one of the most comfortable choices, as it can mold to fit your wrist. Silicone, resin, and fabric bands are often flexible, resilient, and water resistant.

These are just a few of the features to pay attention to as you search for the perfect new watch. You should also think about the color, cost, and overall appearance.

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