The Right Flowers to Pick for Different Occasions

Flowers are beautiful and signify magnificence. We have different roles of flowers in various religious myths and folk tales. Apart from acting as the symbol of beauty and love, some flowers are commonly known for their herbal quality and medicinal value and are acknowledged as medicine from ancient times. Flowers can be used for different purposes and different floral designs are available at Panda Flowers in different types and designs. The different kinds of arrangements and floral designs can be used for different occasions to make our life more adorable and memorable.

Every year we get so many chances to gift our loved ones with flowers. People of all ages whether kids or teenagers adore being gifted flowers as it is a form of expressing affection to our loved ones. Some of the best special occasions to give flowers include the following:

Valentine’s day is one of the top most popular seasons to gift flowers to your loved ones. During this peak time of the year, the florist receives a lot of delivery orders for the flowers. Valentine’s Day is not only a lover’s occasion but also to show our appreciation by gifting flowers. During this occasion, you can as well as gift your best friend or a person you value highly and would like to show them some love. The most frequently common bouquets sent for this occasion are usually red and also pink roses. Other prevalent flowers include tulips and pink lily.

  • Dates

The first impression is usually very important on a first date. When gifting a person flowers, you need to understand that different types of flowers sent different types of messages so you ought to choose wisely when making a selection. Offering your date, a bouquet of daisies will put a smile on her face. As a way of saying thank you to your date a bouquet of sunflowers is ideal. Giving tulips on a first date signifies that you want to kick off the start of a new relationship with your date.

  • Birthday

You can choose to surprise your best friend on their birthday with a bouquet of blooms and a flower delivery accompanied with a nice note. Gifting a female friend, a bouquet on other occasions can seemingly be mistaken as inappropriate. If it happens to be your girlfriend’s birthday you can pair the flowers with a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. For your loving mother’s birthday, you can gift her orchids which signify long life. For a friend’s birthday, a bouquet of multicolored blooms such as gerbera would be ideal.

  • Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day and very popular around the world to send and receive flowers. It is quite hard to pay back your mother for the love that she has expressed by raising you and the least you can do is give her beautiful blooms to show appreciation and respect to her. The best floral arrangements for Mother’s Day are classic carnations because they are bright and have soft shades and would put a smile on mum’s face. Pink lilies are also beautiful and are a favorite bunch to gift your mum on such an occasion.

  • Anniversary

On the anniversary day couples gift, each other flowers to celebrate the day when they got married. Carnations are beautiful blooms that signify affection and are the ideal flowers to give on an anniversary day.

On every occasion, it is very thoughtful to make it very special and with flowers, you are assured to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

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